Fixed Deposits

Planning for your future? You need ICICI Bank's Fixed Deposit, which gives you a superior rate of return. Besides a range of currencies, the account also gives you the option of investing your funds for various durations of time, starting from just one month. Go ahead, choose the one that suits you best. What's more, the automated renewal facility ensures your money earns interest continually. We're in the business of making your future brighter!


  • Great returns
    Maximum returns on your deposits. Click here for the latest Interest rates.
  • Multi-currency
    Deposits are offered in Bahraini Dinar, US Dollar, British Pound Sterling or Australian Dollar.
  • Automatic renewal of deposits
    You can instruct us to automatically renew your deposit on maturity, at the time of opening.
  • Flexibility
    You can start your ICICI Bank Fixed Deposit with any amount over the minimum deposit size.
  • Easy access
    You can view your deposit details by logging on to Online Banking

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