Structured Finance

ICICI Bank has maintained its undisputed leadership in structured finance in India. We have frequently pioneered innovations and have consistently upped the bar on our own largest deals. We have also earned ourselves a reputation for professional excellence by responding to our clients' needs, anticipating and managing change with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Our Bahrain branch has the resources to handle all aspects of securitisation and structured finance, and is also able to draw on expertise of the team of specialised professionals in India.

ICICI Bank's structured finance can be broadly categorized into Securitisation and Structured Financing.


Securitisation involves the sale of existing or future identifiable financial cash flows, with full/partial recourse to the client. Recourse is commonly met through over-collateral, cash-collateral or through third party credit support mechanisms. The tenure and amortization mirror the cash flow profile of the securitised receivables. Securitisation results in better balance sheet management in terms of debt ratios, shifting of credit risk for non-recourse structures and better pricing.

ICICI Bank has concluded securitisation transactions involving the following asset classes:

  1. Oil / gas receivables
  2. Road toll receivables
  3. Mortgage loan receivables
  4. Auto and commercial vehicle loan receivables
  5. Personal / Consumer loan receivables
  6. Lease rent receivables
  7. Corporate loan receivables.

Structured Financing

Structured financing seeks to provide a customised package from a lender to the borrower by closely linking the borrowing with the revenue earning capability or value of a specific asset unlike traditional corporate borrowing where the credit quality of the borrower becomes the single most important factor.

ICICI Bank has experience in a wide variety of structured financing transactions such as investment monetisation, vendor funding, dealer funding, transporter funding etc.

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